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Sound Bath

Sound Bath

A sound bath session is much like a trip to the spa, it is a deeply immersive and full body listening experience. Participants are bathed in soothing sound waves produced by various types of instruments to welcome therapeutic and restorative processes to nurture the mind, body and soul.

Gongs, singing bowl, chimes and more are used in a sound bath. Different tones and patterns produce different vibrations and frequencies to connect with our body waves. The sound waves can lead you into a theta and delta state within a mere 60 to 90 seconds.

Sound baths are great for clearing emotional blockages, fears and negative energy therefore improving mental clarity. The goal of the experience is to achieve quality rest and explore inner self-healing. Therefore, it is a form of self-care to maintain just like weekly yoga or beauty bars. It is an on-going process.

“Sound bath is not a cure it is a form of self-care”

  1. Relationship Connection
    “Law of Attraction” is inevitable when it comes to any kind of relationship. Possessing positive energy opens the path to welcome similar energies into your life. With the right influence of energy, it enables improvements in current relationships, career, health and wealth.

    • Husband & Wife/Couples
      Many unhealthy relationships are often blinded by anger and stress, which has a direct impact on health and wealth as it is mentally consuming. Through sound baths, both can declutter negative thoughts by absorbing the vibration and frequency. It also helps to improve the relationship and bring the frequencies of both parties to a more balanced and aligned state.

    • Family Members & Friends
      A positive energy field starts with the people around us, you are treating yourself well by associating with positive like-minded people. Through a sound bath together, you can see an improved relation as the frequency of a sound bath is able to transmit into the mind to clear any cluttered thoughts.

    • Corporate & Associations
      An organisation filled with negative energy results in inharmonious bonds between colleagues or even inefficiencies in tasks. Through a group sound bath, more positive energy fills the environment and people which results in more harmonious relationships in the workplace.

  2. Emotional Disorder
    • In the modern fast world, we are bound to be tied down with stressful and hectic days. Many times, we tend to forget about self-care, which is important. If we are healthy mentally, we can easily cope with the modern-day life. Rectify these problems with us by allowing yourself to join a relaxing session of sound bath. Although sound baths are not replaceable to medication, it is proven to help with several mental disorders such as, anxiety, depression and insomnia etc.

  3. Personal Energy Growth
    • Every individual has the power to take charge of their energy fields. Energy fields have an effect on every aspect of our life, from relationships to careers, wealth and health. It is believed that a balanced chakra enables us to achieve greater heights in our field.