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Singing Bowl Sound Therapy

Singing Bowl Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is a greater alternative to other meditative practices as it only requires you to relax and listen. Other practices usually require discipline and patience. Through a Sound Therapy using singing bowls, the frequencies reflect the seven chakras which can help you reach a more stable and clarified state.
  1. Relationship Connection

    • Husband & Wife/Couples
      Couples often have arguments due to different communication frequency, which can result in conflict of opinions. This often happen when either person in the relationship is unhappy or lack of communication. Through singing bowl sound therapy sessions, couples tend to have better communication after as the frequency are in-tuned. Emitted frequencies are important as it can help to better the situation or worsen it.

    • Friends & Family Members, Parent-Child
      We all have that one friend or family member that used to be close to us, however you can’t seem to get along now. Or parents who realise their children tend to rebel towards their teachings. Why is that? People often change due to the surrounding environment, which reflects in their frequency of communicating and actions. The difference in frequency results in the other party not absorbing what you are trying to say. Through singing bowl sound therapy, the frequencies between two individuals will be fine-tuned and aligned to a harmonious balance, which improves the relationship.

  2. Emotional Disorder
    • Emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, insomnia etc are often associated with pressure and stress. Therefore, as these conditions seem to worsen due to intensified emotions it affects the room for self-growth. Through singing bowl sound therapy, the seven chakras are balanced and aligned in order to develop inner strength to face the battles head on.

  3. Personal Energy Growth
    • Personal energy fields govern everything in our life such as career, health and wealth. Our first impression relies heavily on personal energy fields, you have the power to determine how you want to present yourself. Through singing bowl sound therapy, you are able to take charge of your personal energy growth by rearranging your clustered mind and improve efficiency in work. With a more balanced lifestyle, you are able to attract wealth while managing your health.