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Self-Healing Workshop

Self-Healing Workshop

Know the basics and history of singing bowls in this 2-day workshop. In this course, learn the essential knowledge of the 7 chakras and the mantras to activate them. Most importantly, learn how to self-heal effectively and relax with the pure sounds of singing bowls. Did you know that singing bowls can be used to cleanse the environment as well? Learn all these basics from this beginner course by Master Ng.

What you will learn

  • The 7 essential chakras of the human body
  • How to activate and strengthen the chakras with mantras
  • How to improve your own personal energy field with chakras
  • The history of singing bowls
  • The benefits of sound therapy for the human body
  • How to self-heal with singing bowls
  • How to cleanse environment with singing bowls

What to expect?

In this course, you will learn how to balance the 7 essential chakras with singing bowls and benefit from this ancient and sacred sound healing process. Moreover, learn daily mantras to strengthen the chakras for improved personal energy fields.

After this course, you can confidently hold the singing bowl for effective self-healing. Also, you will be able to cleanse and purify an environment with singing bowls. Lastly, this course lays a solid foundation for more advanced workshops by Master Ng.