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In this one-to-one private consultation with Master Ng, you have 45 minutes to ask 2 questions combined from the categories below.

a) Wealth
Wealth is powerful; however, one wrong decision could easily destroy it. Have you been eyeing that one opportunity to start a business or joint venture? A passive income, or even buying a property. Master Ng will be able to breakdown if you are suitable to embark on this new project at this point of your life.

b) Luck
If you are feeling unlucky lately, as if the universe is against your every decision. Instead of inspiring fear and insecurity, why not find out what exactly is the root of your problem with Master Ng?

c) Career
Have you been having issues at work? Or thinking of switching jobs because you feel like you belong somewhere else? Well, time is money you may be wasting your golden years of mining your success and eventually fall back while others are ahead. Book a consultation with Master Ng and clear your mind as soon as possible to avoid any missed opportunities.

d) Family
Family is the root for health and prosperity, if you return to an unhappy home every day it effects your luck and attract bad “Qi”. Many people tend suffer in silence after years in marriage, or out of respect for elders. But bottling your emotions for too long may affect your daily life, in this safe place you are allowed to talk about any issues you are facing at home with Master Ng.

e) Love Life
If you are experiencing relationship problems, it might feel like a dead-end with nowhere to turn. Perhaps you normally to go your partner with problems, or you don’t trust strangers with your such sensitive information. We all need human touch, love, and affection to thrive. No matter the reason, you deserve to be in a relationship where you can feel carefree and happy.

f) Date Selection

  • New-born
    In Chinese traditions, it is common to have a date selection for new-borns as each hour and day indicates a unique destiny. Most parent-to-be will go for date selection to ensure the goodwill and health of their child.
  • Surgical
    There is no way to select a date for an urgent surgery, however we recommend having date selection for surgeries that allows pre-planning. This is to ensure that the auspicious date is empowering for the person to successfully complete the process.

g) Possession
In some events, there are things that are unexplainable scientifically. If you have a friend or family member acting abnormal lately and you suspect it to be spiritual, Master Ng will be able to help. Being an experienced clairvoyant herself, Master Ng is capable to provide solutions and support.

h) Emotional Disorders
It is normal to feel a roller coaster of emotions. These are normal fluctuations in mood that come and go. But when your mood starts to have an impact on your daily activities and in your social, educational, and vocational relationships, you may be suffering from a mood disorder. This is the time to open up about the issues bothering you.