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Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui Consultation

The use of Feng Shui consultation is to achieve a harmonious and balance interaction with the environment, other people, and other cosmos. Feng Shui is not a direct remedy for physical fixtures of the house, but when the Feng Shui placement is right, it encourages influx of health and prosperity.

1. Residential Feng Shui
Types of property:

  1. Apartment/Condominium
  2. Super Condominium
  3. Single/Double Storey Terrace
  4. Single/Double Storey Semi-Detached (within 6000sq land area)
  5. Single/Double Storey Detached (within 6000sq land area)
  6. Three Storey Semi-Detached (within 6000sq land area)
  7. Three Storey Detached (within 6000sq land area)
  • Location selection
    Location is an important factor for any property, regardless of owning or renting it. A well-planned property location right from the beginning is essential and will avoid any costly renovations or modifications later.
  • Date selection
    Auspicious dates are important for any movements and changes to the house, the dates are chosen to avoid any conflict to the family’s Chinese zodiac and inspire good luck, health, prosperity, and fortune.
    • Move in date
      Auspicious dates are chosen for the prosperous start for the owner and their spouse. Moving on an auspicious date is believed to be bringing auspiciousness, happiness, prosperity, and good fortune in the house.Date selection is common among Chinese traditions, as it is believed that it heavily affects the luck, health, and harmony of the family.
    • Renovation date
      Date selection for renovation is common among Chinese traditions, as it is believed that it heavily affects the luck, health, and harmony of the family that lives in it. In renovation date selection you often hear these two terms which are 动土 and 修造.动土The moment when the hoe hits the ground before construction of the building, also known as ground-breaking. 修造means the action of renovation or repair.

2. Commercial/Business Feng Shui
Types of property:

  1. Office Lot
  2. Shop Lot
  3. Mall Shop Lot
  4. Factory (within 10,000sq built up)

Feng Shui consultations for business can help with:

  • Nurture a more productive and harmonious working environment
  • Increase efficiency and productivity, improve day-to-day workflow
  • Inspire greater business opportunities to grow or expand
  • Boost decisions making abilities and align company directions

Full Feng Shui Consultation by Master Ng involves:

  • Business Location/Site Selection
  • Analysis of Business Partner Match
  • Recommendation of Company Name
  • Recommendation of Logo
  • Recommendation of favourable colours for the company
  • Recommendation of Name Card design
  • Favourable Date Selection
    • Business Registration
    • Moving & Renovation
    • Opening/Launching
    • Signboard Installation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Definitely! Feng Shui audits are possible if you have already started a business/live at the property already. It is better if you are planning to restructure or renovate the place.
Yes! Although you may not be in the location in the long run, you should still grasp on the good “qi” of the environment. The way energy circulates in the property affects the wellbeing of your life/business.
Absolutely! Feng Shui is very complex and what you need may not be listed above. Each extra service/audit do have a corresponding fee.
Our fees vary on the type of property, quotation is given upon requests.