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Chinese Astrology Analysis

Chinese Astrology Analysis

Ancient Chinese have been using astrology analysis to read their destiny, luck, and fate. You can unleash your true potential and reach greater heights in your health, wealth, relationships and marriage etc.

Having a foresight of our health, wealth, love life, and career paths is essential for making effective plans and avoid unnecessary disappointments.

a) Annual Fortune Analysis
Every year carries a different strength and obstacle in our life. Our annual fortune analysis will be able to tell your luck for the year.

This Annual Fortune Analysis includes (but not limited to):

  • Luck for Health, what you should take note on to avoid health issues
  • Luck for Wealth, what to look out for to improve wealth or avoid losses
  • Luck for Family, how to inspire luck and health throughout the year
  • Mishaps of the year, should there be any mishaps we will provide alternate solutions to minimize it.

b) Lifetime Fortune Analysis
This Lifetime Fortune Analysis will include a fully diverse and cohesive analysis that explains:

  1. Your character and personality. This helps you to analyse your future plans and achieve a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.
  2. Your perception by people. Know how to better your first impressions and build better rapports and healthier relationships with family, friends, co-workers, business partners etc.
  3. Your potential. Do not waste your “Golden Years” in the wrong pair of shoes that does not take you far, know your potential and learn how to make better use of it in the right field.
  4. Your strengths. After knowing your strengths, you must further cultivate them to reach maximum potential. Your strengths are able to elevate the chances of succeeding in all aspects of your life.
  5. Your weaknesses. Learn to nurture and improve your weaknesses that stops you from excelling. Solutions are given for you to continue blossoming in all aspects of your life.
  6. Your luck. Everyone has obstacles and mishaps in their life, while some may not be dismissed you can definitely minimise the impact with our solutions. Track the roots of your problems and overcome it with our suggestions.
  7. Your fortune. Find out when are the “Golden Years” for mining your wealth and avoid loopholes for losses throughout your life. Which field of work is suitable for you to flourish in, whether you will be better off as a start-up or attached with a company.
  8. Your Love Life. Find out when your other half appears throughout your life. Spouses change each other’s destiny after marriage, find out what can complement or destruct the marriage.
  9. Your Family’s luck. Get an insight of your child’s, parents wellbeing and what is the destiny of the family.