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About Master Ng

Master Ng & the Art of Sound Healing.

Master Ng was born as an En Caul Baby, whereby a baby come outs with an intact amniotic sac (caul) wrapped over. This rare and extraordinary birth happens in less than 1 in 80,000 births. From a young age, Master Ng was gifted with strong yet unexplainable sixth sense. In the modern world, we would address her as a “clairvoyant”.

Being the youngest in a family of 8 children, she was usually neglected by her siblings due to the large age gap. This resulted her to be an independent woman to this day. Being a single mother without a prominent background, Master Ng was struggling to live the urban fast life just like many of us in order to provide for her child. As she realised the decline in her health, she became more conscious about her imbalance lifestyle.

Thus, she made a swift decision to start afresh in 2008. She began her journey to explore into the realms of Feng Shui independently with her gift. In 2014, Master Ng had successfully graduated with her Masters in Zi Wei Astrology from Yi Jing Academy.

Apart from being a Zi Wei Astrologist, she is also an expert in Feng Shui placements for properties and personal Feng Shui.

Master Ng has since then successfully taken on a well-balanced lifestyle whilst traveling the world to help and advice people in need by sharing her teachings of Feng Shui and Zi Wei readings. On her journey of explorations, she was introduced to the art of sound healing. Witnessing the art of sound healing herself, she realised that the frequency of sound waves and her knowledge of Feng Shui and Zi Wei Astrology are inter-related. She immediately had a vision that more people should benefit from sound healing along with her teachings.

Being in the field of business previously has led Master Ng to have the knowledge on how to combine her teachings to the modern-day fast life. When an individual achieves a well-balanced chakra there are infinite possibilities as to what they can achieve. In Master Ng Sound Healing Centre, we believe that sound healing is the medicine of the future.